Monday, April 28, 2008

Strange things heard at our house recently

"No, Timmy. Eat your potatoes first. Then you can have more broccoli."

"No, Johnny. Finish your ice cream first. Then you can have more olives."

Those quotes both came from a parent (I won't say which one). The following quote is even better. It came from another child.

"NOOO, Timmy!!! That's MY broccoli!!"


yoshi3329 said...

wow a child actually wanting olives instead of ice cream? It's a miracle!

Sharon said...

Wahoo for veggies!! It's great hearing that your children love to eat their "greens and yellows"!!!

Olives over ice cream I don't understand !!!!

Aunt Sharon

Joe said...

you haven't seen what they say about any other vegetable. lol just teasing

zorg said...

haha joe

zorg said...

I like carrots with brown sugar, cauliflower with cheese sauce, peppers, radishes and cucumbers and thats it basically, peas are ok. And tomatoes have to be cold or they remind me of snot, beets are the most disgusting thing ever (are they actually a vegetable?), lima beans and broccoli are bla and I only like green beans canned. And olives are sickening, the next most disgusting thing next to beets.

Cooked dandelion greens are good and from what I can remember cactus tasted good, but I don't think those count as vegetables.

I'd rather have yogurt and swiss cake rolls and cookies.