Friday, April 11, 2008

On a side's a question

The Young Ladies Christian Fellowship has a website. Now I know that there is such a thing. I never knew that before. On their website, they have a page or two of courtship stories. Somebody put Tom and me on there. There is our picture, and a link to my blog posts about our courtship and marriage. I found this out because I finally took the time to look at my visitor stats this morning. In the last two days at least 8 different people accessed my blog through that link.

I don't necessarily care that this was done, but I wonder: Who put the link to my blog on the YLCF site?

To my brother Clyde (and anyone else who wants to know): If you want a stat counter and a way to know who visits your site, I use Go there and follow instructions for setting it up on your site.

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