Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Monstrous Regiment of Women

Thanks to Paul from Tennessee for alerting me to the video, The Monstrous Regiment of Women. I have not see the full documentary, but this trailer looks great. If you are not a feminist, you will appreciate this all-female cast video. If you are a feminist, this may open your eyes to some things you never thought of before. In fact, some Christians who say they are against feminism may find that they've adopted some feminist philosophies without realizing it.

Here's the trailer:


yoshi3329 said...

I saw the trailer, it looks like a good documentry. Right now I'm saving money so I can purchase it.

Seth said...

Hello, Thanks for your comment on my blog. If you are interested in prints of my pictures send me a email. You can find it in my profile.

Have a good day and God Bless,

Prudence said...

The movie looks great to own and share with the wrong message coming at our girls. I copied the name and went away from blogs, intending to look it up and never got to it. :-)

Anyone know the cost?

Cathy said...

You can buy it at for $16.00 (probably plus shipping). I'll go halves with you and we can share it and have it in the church library. I was going to do that anyway. But maybe you'll want your own?

Twinklemoose said...

Want to go thirds? You might as well, since I'll borrow it from the library anyways!

Cathy said...

Okay, Pru and Twink: I figured the cost to be $24 counting shipping. If we each chip in $8...well, I'm getting it, anyway. I'll share even if you don't help pay. ;)