Friday, April 04, 2008

Life with computers

Did you ever time yourself on the computer? I am going to do that for one week. For me, that includes everything done online, all DVDs watched, some CDs listened to, as well as all offline computer work. The DVD player is attached to our computer because we don't have a TV. I know I spent more time on the computer during the last three months or so than I usually do. I chalk this up to not following a regular routine due to sickness and childbirth.

Have computers changed the way we communicate? If so, is this good or bad? Here are a couple of observations:
  • I don't get very many snail-mail letters anymore. I don't send very many, either, since usually it's all old news by the time the letter gets there.
  • Certain children I know don't bother much with learning to spell since either they use spell check, or they figure everybody knows what they mean anyway.
  • I asked God to help me communicate better with my oldest daughter. We started exchanging thoughts and observations and even a few apologies via blog-land. This proved to be a good stepping stone, and now we communicate face to face very well (in my opinion).
And here's a true story: Several years ago, my son Nate was IM-ing his grandma and his cousin, who were both in the same house but using separate computers. His grandma asked him to remind his cousin to take out the garbage. In other words, Grandma-in-Pennsylvania asked Nate-in-Canada to remind cousin-at-Grandma's-house to take out the trash.

Recently my good friend Twinklemoose gave me something else to think about. Like a lot of women, I have a list of blogs I visit regularly. If you're like me, here's a question to think about:

Could wandering around the internet count as "wandering about from house to house" as mentioned in 1 Timothy 5:13? More about that in a later post.


Twinklemoose said...

It can be a serious problem and a serious spiritual hindrance in spite of all the good. We each have to discern when we are in sin and what we need to do about that. I do know a family that got rid of their internet because of all the time wasted on it. They check their emails when at the library.

Melissa said...

I think there must be balance. If we use our time wisely and to support and care for one another it can be a good thing.

zorg said...

certain children you know, hmm, you could go ahead and say names because everybody knows who you are talking about.

i have never actually timed myself, but i probably spend five or so hours on the computer, not including my school and i think thats too much.

but one way i am using the internet is too look up about goats since the library lacks in books on that subject and i am also looking up better ways to get fleas off of my cat because i am tired of scratching her head and getting the bugs stuck under my fingernails. that sounds so gross.

zorg said...

oh, and thats not just your opinion. i find that too, we communicate better too i think.

Prudence said...

I don't like being on long but do find myself wandering back here again and again. I don't care for exploring the net and finding things to watch and read. There is nothing to show for my time. I sat at the sewing machine this week and feel rewarded...three skirts finished from this week and one finished, started last year.
I look forward to being outside. I actually got a shovel out to clear off the front flower bed so the crocuses can come up. Now the shovel sits forgotten.
I had one of my kids ask why I didn't have a blog. Mostly I can't be bothered but some people are really blessing me by what they take time to write.
The I Timothy verse suits well if we are careless. I think we need to really think about who is reading what we write. There are things that should be said at home or face to face. Then also there are those things that should not be said at all.

Sarah, is that a Wendy's chicken burger? EWWWW!! I had heard the Nate story. chuckle.

Sharon said...

Hello Cathy,

It's good to hear that you all are moving into the springtime with ease and good health coming along beside and behind you.

I put Uncle Dave to work digging out a forsythia bush that was constantly needing trimed all summer and fall because the neighbors couldn't see to get out onto the road out of their driveway safely. We actually couldn't either. It was good idea at the time to put it where I did but now I can watch it flourish without the hassel of the clippers. He also moved a wild rosebush that had to be trimmed also so the water company could get to the ground meter underneath it to read the numbers for our bill that arrived every month. I wasn't at all sure it was necessary to do that but my concern for all those thorns pricking the worker each month got the best of me. I knew how that hurt since the stupid bush stuck me enough!!!!

Kiss everyone for me and hugs are good too! Love you all, bunches.

Aunt Sharon

zorg said...

chicken burger, yum. i love that picture.

nate story? either i have heard it but i don't know what you are talking about, or i have no idea what you are talking about.

zorg said...

never mind, i know what story you are talking about. duh.

Prudence said...

I think I have been feeling a bit guilty that I haven't been using the net for other's benefit or searching the net for some things of benefit for school or for personal study.

yoshi3329 said...

I've been spending more time on the computer latley and because of that I've let a bunch of things slip. my chores for one and my sewing project, my workout routine and I just forget, it's spring! We forgot to plant our garden! Fortuantly, just yeasterday I forced myself of the computer and got many things done!

I think computers are good unless they keep you from doing you daily chores and such. Then it's time for you to get off for a while.

Mrs. Walker said...

I agree that with all things, computer time must be controlled and used wisely. It is a tool given to us by God, but as sinners, we as prone to abuse it. We must exercise moderation, but I don't think that means leaving it off altogether.

I know for me, I have times that it consumes too much time, but it also enables me to keep in contact with my family, especially my parents when they are in India. Without it, I would go months without hearing from them or being able to talk and share things with them. I definitely see it as a blessing in this area.

Another area it has been a help is in learning to shop frugally to provide for my family. I've learned a lot about couponing and shopping sales because of the wisdom and knowledge of other ladies. I think you could file that under "the older women teaching the younger." Yes, it's a bit unorthodox, but I think still applies!

So, there's my "book" on the subject, and I'm sure if I think about it more, I could come up with even more thoughts! But I'm needed elsewhere and here is where the moderation comes in!! :)

Twinklemoose said...

People here keep mentioning the idea of balance and not shutting off the computer altogether. I think that is right and precisely why 1 Tim.2:13 is applicable. Titus 2:5 is also applicable, which speaks of women being "keepers at home." I don't know of anyone who reads those verses as an absolute ban on going out of our houses. Still, if someone finds they must go to the extreme to get victory over their sin, they are not wrong. The kingdom of God is worth more than all the things on earth. Jesus said "...if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee..." Mat.5:29

Elizabeth said...


Thanks for this post. You are right, it did generate A LOT of attention! I only wanted to say one thing. It struck a chord with me because my best friend Sarah was just talking with me about this same subject a few days ago and she has challenged me to something (starting tomorrow- Monday). For 2 weeks I am to watch NO t.v., unless it's C-Span or CNN. Only 1 phone call/conversation a day, and no computer games. We didn't discuss computer specifics but the general idea is that for two weeks I will spend almost all my time either reading books, at the piano, or doing something else productive (like devotions, or physical exercise, which I definitely need more of!!). She also told me to get a list of the top 100 best books, to date, and read a few. I have printed off several lists of this sort and have several fiction and non-fiction books to start me off. I am anxious to take on this challenge and share with everyone what I have learned two weeks from now. Pray for me please!!

(p.s. I love the newest picture of Samuel...what a sweet heart!!)