Friday, May 02, 2008

He's leaving home today

My oldest son is moving out today. Most of his worldly goods are packed up and piled on the trailer ready to be hauled away to his new apartment this afternoon.

Should I cry? Rejoice? Do a happy dance? Get a longer apron string to tie him with? Send him off with a big shove to make him hurry?

Here are my random thoughts:

**He should stay home until he gets married, and continue being part of the family.

**He should move out and prove that he can stand on his own two feet before he gets married.

**He should move out for now, and then later move back home again. He will have proven that he can live independently, but will have decided he doesn't like living on his own.

Most families go through a transition period called college. The child goes to college, but comes home for breaks and summer vacation. By the end of college, the family has adjusted to life without the child, and the child has gained independence and/or a spouse.

But for us, things are a little more sudden. Last night he was living with us full-time. Tonight he will be living on his own full-time. No transition, no adjustment period.

Okay, I'm happy for him. This will be good for him. But I want my little boy back.


yoshi3329 said...

I really don't know ho to respond to this but I know that some people think that the DAUGHTER should say home I've haven't heard much about what the son should do when he is of age. All I've heard so far is that he should leave to learn a trade to provide for his family. As for now I think you should/can rejoice and cry

Cathy said...

There are some who keep their sons home till marriage (look up Genesis 2:24). I posted about this in my courtship and marriage posts. I don't have a huge problem with my sons leaving before marriage. I just wish they wouldn't. In this particular son's case, I don't mind too much, because he seems to need some independent living.

I just see this as the end of something for our family. We'll never be all of us together again. That had to come sometime, of course. It's just hard to see it happen. So, though I'm not actually shedding tears, there is a sense of rejoicing and crying.

Jaybird said...

Miss Cathy,

I'm sorry about your son. :(

This is my first time over at your blog. I'm a pastor's daughter, and I think it must be such a blessing for you to have ten children. My mom does all of our laundry. :)

I wanted to get back to you with that link that didn't work on Adlyn's blog:

If it doesn't work, you can go to, click "Doug's Blog" and go to the archives for March 7th.