Saturday, March 08, 2008

This and that

Sickness: Tom is getting over the flu, Timmy has another bad cold with cough-induced vomiting and a slight fever, and John is starting in on another cold. Lizzie is just beginning to sound a bit stuffy. I am sneezing.

Snow: We woke up to about six inches of fresh whiteness that fell during the night. The second part of the storm is still coming in, but we've already gotten another 4 inches through the day. We are supposed to collect more snow, mixed with ice pellets and/or freezing rain throughout tonight. This is the third snowstorm we've had in 8 days. If this is the lion that started March, then we're due for a nice, balmy lamb to end March. But I'm not holding my breath.

Pregnancy: One more month to go. I've got the urge to clean, clean, clean; and rearrange furniture, and box up stuff that is cluttering my room, and scrub walls, and..... But I also feel extremely heavy, and ready to lay this baby down. To that person who said she would gladly trade places with me, that last sentence was not meant to be a complaint. I'm excited about the birth. I finally allowed myself to get out the baby clothes and wash them yesterday. The midwife says the baby's head is down and he is beginning to drop! She also told me to wait until after her vacation, which ends on the 20th (I'm actually not due till April 10th). This will be her third delivery for me, and sometimes I think she's as excited as I am.

Timmy is asking to be on my lap, so I think I'll go sit on the rocker and direct traffic in the kitchen while we work on supper.


Melissa said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon Cathy. Not sure how you get it all done! My last month of pregnancy was always so exhausting, but one does seem to get that little burst of energy at the end. Take care of yourself. Post a family picture sometime soon too. I haven't "seen" all of you for a while!


Cathy said...

We are going to have a family portrait done after this baby is born. I insist. We haven't had an "official" portrait since 2001. The candid shots taken of us seem to always have at least one or two people making faces.

Prudence said...

If there is one thing you don't do is complain, that I have heard. How can I help you this week? Let me know what you hear from camp. I don't get any calls.