Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holding down the fort

With half the family gone to snow camp, I'm home with four children ages 2, 3, 5 and 9. Abby and I are the only ones who don't have a cold. Timmy and John prefer to sleep in my bed when their older brothers are gone, which leaves me with about 8 inches of bed space. I tried to sleep in the living room last night, but Timmy came to look for me.

Something "fun" I get to do (besides taking the trash and the recycle bins to the road for pickup): I get to take care of two large, rambunctious dogs. In knee-deep snow. With only one too-short leash. That means leaving one dog in the kennel to bark while the other dog drags me through the snow. This morning I decided it was easier just to turn the dogs loose in the yard than to put my 8-months-pregnant self through the torture of being dragged through the snow. Snickers was a good dog and stayed in the yard, but while I went inside to get their water, Puppy ran away to the neighbours' yard. So I had to go fetch her. I also discovered that I do not have enough dog food to last till Friday. I will have to portion it out for them and make it last.

It's snowing again. Not a lot right now, but it's supposed to last till Friday, when it might turn to rain. I can handle rain. The place will be flooded with all the snow melting, but right now I think I will be so thankful for mud. It'll be tracked everywhere, but I don't think I'm going to care. The geese (the Canadian version of the spring-heralding robin) are coming back. Spring is coming!

And so is a baby. Only 4 weeks left!


Prudence said...

Christina is looking after her daughter's two big dogs, too...and a hamster.

Anonymous said...

what happened to all the leashes that came with Snickers?

Cathy said...

If you click on the circle for name/url you should be able to give yourself a nickname. You shouldn't have to put in an actual url.

There still are leashes and chains somewhere--tied to trees and buried under the snow.

zorg said...

lets see, the green leash is under the pine tree, on of the chains is by the horse farm sign and the other is in the backyard somewhere, the black leash was pooped on and now we don't want to use it until it is cleaned and the two super long leashes, puppy kindly broke for us.