Sunday, March 09, 2008

Not your typical Sunday morning

We have had to cancel Sunday services due to weather more often this one winter than in all the previous 7 winters combined since we've been in Canada.

Instead of going to church, the guys spent about two hours clearing out the driveway. The vehicles were stuck and had to be pushed so they could be moved out of the way. Our near neighbour came over with his snowblower and even our far neighbour came with his front loader to help take care of the end of the drive where the snowplows dumped more snow than the blower could handle.

The storm is officially over and the wind is dying down, so if Cornwall gets cleared out today we should be able to have church services this evening. I hope so. I haven't seen my oldest daughter since Thursday, when she went to stay overnight in Cornwall with a friend.

Timmy's fever rose in the night, but he's a little better now. I will probably keep him home tonight. He cried this morning when he wasn't allowed to go out in the snow with the guys.

Snow camp for our young people starts tomorrow. They definitely have the snow for it. And more snow, possibly mixed with rain, is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. But, as someone said on some news station in the US, all this will only make us appreciate spring all the more.

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