Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Perfect timing

It's in the seemingly little things in life where I especially enjoy seeing the caring hand of our Lord as He watches over us.

This morning it was my turn to drive the children to skating. We were all in the van, ready and waiting while Tom put in more brake fluid. It was just a little low, like there was maybe a slow leak in the line, but not major enough to try to fix it right away.

For those of you who don't know, when you put more brake fluid in, you have to have someone pump the brakes for you while you bleed all the air out of the lines. I have had LOTS of experience being the pumper over the last 21 years, so I knew something was MAJORLY different this time. I told Tom that it just didn't feel right at all.

The problem was that while I was pumping, the whole thing broke! So we all got out of the van (no skating today!) and Tom has spent the whole day fixing the brakes. As he was working on it, and testing things, the brake line on the other side broke, also. We were both surprised to find that both brakes were that bad.

So here's where God protected us: all this happened in the comfort of our own driveway, NOT while I was driving 30 minutes from home on a snowy day. Also, it didn't happen while Josiah was driving. Josiah just got his G-1 license (roughly equivalent to a permit in the US), and it would not have been a very pleasant introduction to driving to have the brakes fail on him just now!


Pru said...

Oh boy...Whew! Our LORD is good. I didn't know about this until tonight.

josiah said...

well they did tell me what to do in such a situation, but still it wouldn't be nice.