Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another great blog--Axe to the Root

Some of you who know me will remember Nate Ellis. He has a blog describing his experiences as a street preacher. He also reports on other young men of God who are preaching all over the world. Click here, or on "Nate Ellis" in my side bar. (Actually, this blog is written by David Bane as well, a young man who we look forward to meeting in a few weeks when he comes to speak to our young people.)

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Marcel said...

Hi Cathy

Thank you very much for this great link. It is encouraging to see that the Lord has many faithful witnesses working out there.

Those who visit should also visit the links promoted on that site:
(which is a very good site on the enormous and extremely wicked sin of abortion with schocking videos and other helpful and eye-opening documents; to watch and to read; and also to make known to all)
(which also have good information of the sin of homosexuality; a good reminder that it is an abomination unto the Lord)

May God bless you and all the family!


Marcel Longchamps