Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is it genetic?

I read somewhere recently that we may be genetically inclined toward one occupation or another. When studying my family tree I discovered that the Bowser line (from which I come) includes mostly farmers and medical people (doctors, nurses, medics, etc.)

For instance, my great-great-grandmother raised sheep. She sheared and spun the wool and wove it into cloth, which she then used to make a suit for her son. That son wore his new suit to college, became one of the best doctors in the county, and was my great-grandfather. His granddaughter (my mother) was a nurse. My cousin also went into nursing. Armstrong County, Pennsylvania (where I grew up) is full of Bowser farms.

My main dream all my life has been to have a family farm. I don't want to go big or anything, but I would like to have a little farm with chickens, cows, a pig or two, and sheep. And some Morgan horses. I would like to grow or raise 85-90 per cent of our food and have plenty to share with others. My favorite set of books was (is) the Little House series. I always wished I was Laura. (Now I think more like Ma. And after wearing out countless paperback sets, I finally spent $100 to get the set in hardback, which my children now read with gusto.)

My daughter wants to go into the medical field. She has also always liked animals and wants to raise goats. Maybe there is something to that genetic disposition thing.

Another interesting fact I discovered during genealogical research: I come from a LOOOOONG line of Baptists, beginning with Matthias Bausser, the first of the Bowsers (as the name became) to come to America. He was a "dunkard" who came from Germany, possibly Switzerland before that, where dunkards were being persecuted for their practice of "dunking" (immersing) as their preferred method of baptism.


sarah said...

You forgot about Dad and his junk collecting family. And how certain people in our family like to collect garbage. Like tin cans, bits of yarn and scraps of cloth that are only .5cm by .007cm

Christy said...

I've never thought about that before, but you're right. All of the family on my mom's side (American) have run the same oil business for over 100 years, and most of the family on my dad's side (British) are involved with some type of culinary interest, beginning with my great-grandfather, who was the head pastry chef in Buckingham Palace for over 50 years. My grandmother also worked on the staff there until she was married 52 years ago. She remembers Prince Charles as a child, and was in attendance at the marriage of Queen Elizabeth's wedding banquet.