Sunday, November 04, 2007

Colds, colds, colds!

I stayed home today with Ben, John and Timothy. (Nathanael stayed home, too, but since he lives in the garage now, we didn't see much of him.) All of us are coughing. In fact, there were enough people in our church who were not feeling well that we canceled the evening service tonight. We have been watching the Day of Discovery documentary on the life of Eric Liddell instead.

This morning I asked Ben to bring the little boys into the living room so we could keep an eye on them while we listened to Tom's Sunday morning message from last week (which I missed because I was home with a cold). As we were getting things set up, the following exchange took place between 3-year-old John and me.

"Come and sit on the rocking chair; we're going to listen to Daddy preach."



"Our daddy?"

"Yes, our daddy."

"Our real daddy?"

"Yes, our real daddy?"

"Our real daddy who lives in this house?"

By this time I am laughing as I answer, "Yes, our real daddy who lives in this house."


Prudence said...

Hey coughing girl,
John just cracks me up!! I did email you today and hear you have been in bed. Need a laptop for your bed? That would be nice and take your mind off of coughing.

Cathy said...

I have sometimes thought about a laptop. I don't know, though. Do I really want to be able to carry a computer with me everywhere I go? Anyway, my quilting has been keeping me company.

Now, a tape deck or CD player in my room would be nice. I used to have a really nice one in there. I wonder what happened to it?

Oh, Sarah!!

Okay, I'll save my daughter's reputation. It was given to her.

Oh, Tom!!!