Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another Sunday sick at home

Here I am, home again on a Sunday. I am getting really tired of us being sick so much. Nathanael missed two or three days of work this week. Ben has a sore throat and a runny nose. Timmy's nose is runny. I have this cough that just won't go away. Abby is better now, but she had a cold this week that kept her home from Wednesday night prayer meeting.

I am asking all of you to pray for us. We have never been sick so much as we have been since moving to this house. I suspect part of it is the mold problem we have, caused by condensation on the insides of the outside walls. We had hoped to start ripping the insides of this house apart last summer, replacing insulation, putting in vapor barriers, and putting up all new sheet rock, etc., inside. Two things stopped us. One was that we decided it was more urgent to get Nathanael and Josiah out of the boys' room, since there were six boys crammed into one room. So we remodelled the garage into two small bedrooms for them. They needed heat out there, meaning a small furnace was needed, and electricity, meaning some wiring.

The other thing that stopped us, and is still stopping us, is that our roof leaks. Is it coincidence that the roof leaks on the same side of the house where all the mold is? I don't know enough about houses to answer that. But we definitely need to repair the roof before we do anything inside.

I hope the rest of you have a good Lord's Day. May God bless the preaching in churches this morning.


Rand said...

I love you very much Sister! I used to feel the Lord had sent no close friend for me; no one who was as burdened with the lies in the world, and now I look back at my journey and see how it all has led me into this place of striving for the truth and counting it as our reasonable service. I am surrounded by people who get it, and by God's grace, I am getting it a little more each year - what blessing! I am very glad you all moved to Canada and that you are sticking it out here. Praying about your house, especially that some more work can be done next summer. The work you have done so far is really nice.


Rand said...

(Typing from Rand's laptop). I'm home from church with Maddie, who has a case of hives. Not fun.


Melissa said...

Cathy, I pray you are feeling better soon and the family too. I know how hard it is to miss church, I can barely wait to get there on Sundays. I would say that the leaky roof is definitely part of the problem. I wonder if you can use a big tarp or rolled roofing to make some temporary repairs? At least to stop the water from coming in for now.

Take care of yourself!!!


Anonymous said...

Grandma Rudisill said she always gave her little children eggs when they had runny noses. Another thing Gsquilts4u thought of was not using the same toothpaste tube. Those little germs can live a long time on tooth brushes and tooth paste tubes. and a little bleach in the dish water and wiping door knobs and other places that germy hands touch.