Monday, June 07, 2010

Faith and a Full House

I just found out that my friend Jamie, whom I met when she was probably 8 years old or so, has a blog. Jamie is married to Alan, a pastor who used to be a student in Tom's high school math and science classes. They have 6 of the loveliest children I have ever seen. Watching Jamie and Alan grow in the faith and in love for one another was a lot of fun and gave joy to all who knew them. We were a little late for their wedding, but I got to give the beautiful bride a hug just before she walked down the aisle.

Jamie is a well-educated woman and home schools their six children. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and a love for her children that puts me to shame. I think you will find her blog refreshing and uplifting.

Faith and a Full House


Jae said...

Oh, Cathy... thanks so much for your TOOOOO kind words! You are precious and I thank God for letting me have the privelege to know you all these years! Love and God bless!

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joven said...

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