Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pictures of life at our house

Abby climbed a spruce tree in our yard to get this picture. The brown is our new roof, with new front porch.

A good view of the back of our property. All the trashy junk in the front of the picture has been cleaned up. :)

The whole gang.

Sam, before his haircut. He looks a LOT different now.

After the haircut. This is what he plays with when I'm on the computer. It's a multiple USB port, with coffee warmer.

Digging my garden, getting ready to plant the early crops.

New baby rabbits.

New kittens.

Some of the chickens. They are not as good layers as we've had before, but they're doing okay.

Sarah's little dog, Tomo, saying hi to Snickers, the big dog outside.

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