Monday, February 09, 2009

So Much More Giveaway results

Not surprisingly, I had only four responses to this giveaway. All four respondents win. So: Tabitha, Crystal and Victoria, e-mail me your street address and I'll get your copies in the mail hopefully this week. (Christy, I have your address already. :) )

Use this e-mail address, and put "So Much More" in the subject line: svcfbs "at" yahoo "dot" ca, replacing the "at" and the "dot" with the standard symbols. :)

Hope you enjoy the reading! And stop by Grace and Truth Books (link on my sidebar) for more fantastic reading material.

By the way, I was not surprised at the response for two reasons: one, my blog is not well-known, and two, this is not a popular book. In fact, it is quite a controversial book. But I hope it makes you think and study the Word.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!
I really appreciate this.

I like your blog too! I know my daughter isn't anywhere near being a teen, but I really want to be prepared on how to teach my kids ahead of time.

I really don't want them to grow up to be like I was!

Micaela said...

my name is Micaela. I discovered your blog by Victoria's and hers I found by Jasmine Baucham at "Joyfully Home".
I saw that Victoria had won So Much More (one of my favorite books) and I was curious who was giving copies away. I, too, have read it and agree with every word. I was happy to find your blog and see what you write about.
Here is me and my sisters blog:

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thought you would like to know that I am having a giveaway on my blog

Victoria Rebecca said...

It's 'ca' I thought it was com. :)
Sorry I'll resend the email.

Cathy said...

Yes, I'm in Canada, hence the "ca". :)