Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick Update

Since taking the internet off my computer in August, I have been amazed at how much work I've gotten done around here. There is still a lot to do to get the garden ready for its winter sleep-over. Also, we are tentatively scheduled to start on our new roof and front porch this week. Once that's done, we'll be able to start remodeling inside.

I tried to start home schooling after Labour Day, but there's just so much to do around here we haven't had time. We're hoping to start by the end of October. Right now we're experiencing real-life education, which is, in many ways, more important than academics.

I am hoping that by the beginning of November I can start posting on this blog at least once a month. I want to start by putting on a lot of pictures...
  • stuff we do with free pallet wood
  • Sam, growing by leaps and bounds (he's six months old already!)
  • me, smaller by a significant number of pounds
  • the goat barn
  • all Sarah's rabbits (maybe two dozen or so?)
  • Sarah's ducks (sorry, but the pig went to the butcher today)
  • the new roof and porch
  • the new bike shed/lean-to we added to the side of the garage
...and maybe more stuff.

Got to go do laundry, rake leaves and finish making supper. We're having chicken leg quarters tonight.

Love to all my friends and enemies! (You know who you are :) ) Anonymous, if you still read this, know that I pray for you, but I couldn't let you communicate with me anymore. Hope you're doing okay.

Cathy for all the gang.


zorg said...

i have 21 right now, but two more litters coming.

Tami said...

Hi Cathy! So glad to see you posting again.... I took a bit of a hiatus from the internet over the summer as well, and was amazed at what I got done!!! However, I caved about mid August.... :(

I can't wait to see your pictures and see everything going on at your house!!! Please post pics of Sam FIRST!!!!! I bet he has grown so much!

God Bless!!

Christy said...

YAY! You're back!! Whoo Hoo!

Levita said...

Read your post on the courtship between you and your husband it makes me smile.