Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is for Christy

And I think some of the rest of you will be able to relate...

Even the best of changes can be confusing.

After Tom and I got married I moved with him from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Three days after the wedding I was in a new church for the first time meeting all sorts of new people. I don't know how many people came up to me that morning, introducing themselves, and eager to meet "Tom's new wife." I had to constantly remember that I was Cathy Newton now, not Cathy Smith.

At one point, someone introduced herself and my mind went completely blank. I looked up at Tom and asked, "What's my name?"

In the weeks to follow, I sure did learn my name, and no forgetting it. The paperwork seemed endless as I stood in line to change my name on all sorts of documents including driver's license and social security card. Later, though, I was thankful I did not own a house, a car, or any other major possession. The paper work involved in changing all those documents (mortgages, licenses, insurance, utilities, etc.) is the reason given for why the province of Quebec made it illegal for a woman to take her husband's name upon marriage.


Christy said...

Wow... I couldn't imagine moving to a new place right off. We are planning on moving back to Indiana as soon as Stephen finishes Bible college but atleast that gives me another two years. I think the hardest thing about getting married is losing most of the friends I've had for ages and ages. Being the first to get married out of my group has been rough. It's almost like I'm a different person now that I'm preparing for marriage. And the girls that I used to be so close to just aren't quite to that point in their lives yet and it's hard for us to relate anymore. But then again I've gained some really great new friends in the older married ladies of my church. But being a person that HATES change and being God called to change EVERYTHING about my life has been hard for me. God gives grace. As a special favor to me Pearl would you please do a post of advice or recommendations, or ANYTHING of help that I can use as I make this huge change. I want to be the best wife that God can make and I know you're well seasoned in the field. ; ) Thanks so much!

Sujai said...

I want to listen the story of your courtship and marriage from Tom's point of view. I am a man and that is the reason.. Did Tom tell his story anywhere and if he did; could you please tell me where could I find that?


Cathy said...

Tom has not written anything down, but I'll work on getting that from him. Currently he has the flu, and next week he'll be gone, so it will probably be sometime after that.