Friday, December 08, 2006

A must-see video

My brother-in-Christ, Rand, just put this video on his blog. Now I'm putting it on mine. If you are an average North American teenager, watch this video. If you are the parent of an average North American teenager, watch this video with your teen. It is almost an hour long, so make sure you have time to watch this, giving it the attention it deserves.

Paul Washer preaching at a youth conference in Alabama, in 2002.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sermon.
Here are some Paul Washer's sermons taht I found in google.
Modern American Christianity 1 (video)

Modern American Christianity 2 (video)

Modern American Christianity 3 (video)

Modern American Christianity 4 (video)


Cathy said...

Narindra sent me an e-mail saying that the links he posted are of the same video that I linked to. I am leaving them on, however, because these links divide the message up into four sections of about 15 minutes each, in case you can't listen to the whole thing in one sitting.