Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who are you?

You lurk around on the internet, hitting here and there, looking at all sorts of who knows what. Every now and then you hit my blog. Maybe you did a google search. Maybe you linked from another site. Maybe you heard about me from a friend or family member.

I have a program that lets me see where in the world you might be--Malaysia, the Philippines, the UK, Holland, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, South Africa, the United States (I can tell which state), Canada (I can tell which province), to name some off the top of my memory.

I can also tell, if you did a search, what your key words were. My all-time favourite key words used so far by you, the lurker, are: "best time to do laundry in Ontario"!

Now, this is entirely voluntary, but if you'd like to, please say hi.



DLS said...

I'm saying "hi" to you! from Alpharetta, GA.
I enjoy your blog, Rand's and Pete's blog's. Also, Twinklemoose's.
One day we will meet in the heavenly kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Melissa here (SE ohio) I try to check in every once in a while to see if you have posted anything new. I always learn something from your posts and my goal is to be more like you!

pearl of grace said...

Hi, Dianne. We lived south of Atlanta for a few years just after we were married. Our first two children were born there. We went back to visit about five years ago, and were surprised to see how much the place had been built up since we'd moved. I can imagine it's even less recognizable now.

Melissa, I see you out there every now and then. Funny, but I'd like to be more like you in the matter of being more frugal, especially when it comes to fixing/building our house/addition. Seriously, though, make it your goal to be more like Christ!

Twinklemoose said...

Hi Pearl,

This is Sylvia in Ottawa! I lurk here often. If we lived closer, I would just lurk in your kitchen.

pearl of grace said...

Well, Twinkle-Sylvia, I wouldn't mind lurking in YOUR kitchen now and then! We really ought to get together more often.

Karen said...

I came via SL--an article in the BEAM. What brought me was the mention that you don't celebrate Christmas. We have that in common. I read your very interesting post on that subject, and I like the suggestions you had. Thank you.

We also have in common the fact that we are married to ministers.