Friday, September 08, 2006

New sheep on the blogspot block

My husband never calls our children "kids." I have adopted his reasoning: kids come from goats, which in Scripture signify those who will never be saved. Thus my twist on the common saying, "new kid on the block."

The new blogger is The Mosaic Antinomian. I think he wants to remain anonymous, but if you know me, you know him. And if you know him, you will most likely recognize him from his profile and his blog. He tells me that "mosaic" in his screen name is an adjective meaning "of Moses." This was a big help to me in understanding why he chose that name.

I've added his link to my sidebar. Visit him when you can.



Twinklemoose said...

Is it Mosaic or Mosiac? Or are they both correct?

pearl of grace said...

Ya got me! Time ter chick mah spellin.